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40,000 feet

40,000 Feet

Trying to sleep at 40,000 feet
Where space and atmosphere sort of meet
Up above are twinkling stars
Down below, all dinky cars

Except the fact we’re over snow
Possibly Greenland down below
Seems quite funny, quite a lot
Down there I guess is rather cold
Yet inside plane it’s rather hot

We have to watch the films they show
Their choice of film makes we want to go
Anywhere to escape this pain
Even outside the aeroplane.

But thinking about the course of life
Makes me think of my dear wife;
She really is a lovely miss
And rather good at a smoochy kiss

I listen to the radio,
Classical music on the go,
Some of it is good a classy,
Some of vulgar and trashy (but quite exciting).

So as I type another verse,
I’m sure the rhymes’ll get steadily worse.
Had a meal of congealed pasta
Now that really is, kind of nasta.

Told you the rhymes would be all wrong!
Oops, the plane’s just done a bong,
Seems the air has got the hump
And given the plane a little bump

Listening to a soprano singing
Pain this soon to ears be bringing
As the music up higher floats
And I’m assailed by her top notes

Actually it was an alto,
Or a sensitive contralto,
Thus my ears were spared the curse,
Of notes above the stave or worse.

My god! What’s this I’m hearing now
A bloke who can sing rather low
I can’t imagine him as my mate
With his pitch control approximate

How many versus of this poxy song?
I’m sure he’s singing it all wrong.
I am sure the notes he’s just kissed
Are lonely as they’ve all been missed.

So I’m trying to sleep up in the air,
My wife, next to me, does not care
That I’m in pain for goodness sake
And very, very much awake.

But wait what is this, a sleepy dawn?
A welcome, joyful, big mouthed yawn?
Hopef’lly it’ll lead to more
A soon I’ll start to happily snore.

So here I am high in the sky,
Still, awake, I know not why,
Perhaps I’ll try some mid-air booze,
To bring on my high-altitude snooze….

[Tony Matthews 2012]

Somewhere over Greenland….
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