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Dreamscape SuiteFlute and Piano10 mins
Flute and Piano18 mins
Alvirini Suite (Episodes in the life of an Impette)Flute Quartet18 mins
Dreamscape Suite Duration 10'
A Dream amongst some harsh realities. This is the premier performance, by Sharon Moloney and Cat Herriot

1. Commencement
2. Single Mind
3. Dream Scape
4. Toot Suite
5. Epilogue

The Dream Scape solo movement was written first and is complete in itself. However, it seemed lonely and needed to be part of a larger work; so the other movements were written around it. Unusually, the outside movements are in no way related to the dream. This is quite deliberate, the dream being an escape from the harsher sounds surrounding it
Flute Sonata Duration 18'
Not strictly in sonata form, but then what work is these days. In three movements, the second movement is the father-son duet from "Theseus and the Minotaur". I don't usually reuse tunes, but it seemed a perfect fit and is rather glorious to boot.
Alvirini Suite (Episodes in the life of an Impette) Duration 17'
This is a six movment suite about the adventures of Alvirini, a young impish maiden and the adventures she gets into.
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